Sylwia Rachwal

About Sylwia

The observation of nature itself, has the power to point us to the impressive conclusions, and it is a completely natural way of thinking for me.

Herbal energetics it is an important, and useful tool integrated into my practice.  It is also a more vitalistic way of practicing herbalism. Instead of treating the disease, I am treating the underlying imbalance in the body, based on herbal energetics, and using a very non-medical model way of thinking.Matching the herb to the person, instead of trying to treat a disease, is the essence. I am not  focusing on treating an illness, instead I try to assist people to rebuild their strength, and balance. Every person is unique, and deserves different approach, based on the enegetic model.

I am not trying to focus on just one body system, rather I treat the person as a whole as all body systems are interconnected.



MH, Ir, 

Licentiate of Herbal Medicine - Master Herbalist (MH),
Reflexologist’, ‘Registered General Nurse, Nutritionist Diploma


137 Oldbridge Station
Osberstown, Naas,
County Kildare
W91 KW8A

Phone: 086 4065496 

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