Kim Douglas

About Kim

I first became interested in nutrition and holistic therapies many years ago when my children were still very young. Like all mothers, I wanted what was best for them. I began investigating alternative cures and this started me on my very special journey to natural healing and nutrition. For many years now I have taken full responsibility for my families diet and health and it’s paid off in dividends. I am fortunate enough to have helped others on their journeys too, and it still makes me smile when I see happy clients (some of whom were very skeptical at first) achieve something they hadn’t managed to do before.

Our genetic ‘make-up’ (or genotype), is uniquely ours and hence we each have individual needs. One diet or lifestyle does not fit all – therefore, I make every effort to ensure that each client has their own formula and path to take. My aim is to help people become aware of how their food choices affect them on a daily basis, how simple changes can create massive differences, but most importantly - that it really can be simple.



MH, Ir.

Masters Herbalist, Iridologist.


Natures Cures
26B Church Street,
County Dublin
Telephone: +353 1 8491215, +353 86 6096334

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