Ella Fletcher

About Ella

Ella is a Master Herbalist and Iridologist living and working in Dublin. Diet and lifestyle are foundational areas of focus in a consultation. Iridology is used to gain deeper insights into the physical and emotional wellbeing of the person, and Herbal medicines are used as valuable tools to strengthen and focus the person in their healing process.
Herbal medicine, healthy diet and lifestyle guidance can be used to help a broad range of issues. I have a particular interest in the treatment of stress and anxiety in my practice. I feel that stress, in its many manifestations, plays a major role in health issues. And health issues themselves can put major stress on the person and those around them. Stress management with the use of diet, lifestyle and herbal protocols can be a deeply supportive part of the healing process.



MH, Ir,

Master Herbalist, Iridologist.


Telephone: +353 86 0706164

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