Code of Ethics


Each member of the Association shall:

1. Respect and honour the professional nature of their relationship with their clients, by observing the following principles:

1.1. Having respect for every client regardless of race, colour, creed, class, gender or sexual orientation.

1.2. Taking care to explain to clients fully the nature of any treatment to be administered.

1.3. Observing strict confidentiality at all times regarding all aspects of the relationship, including the fact of the client's attendance for treatment, unless required to disclose information under the following circumstances:

1.3.1. The client agrees to the release of confidential information i.e. in the event of the client being referred to another Practitioner.
1.3.2. Where the Practitioner utilises the services of a Locum.
1.3.3. The practitioner is forced to disclose information to a Law Enforcement Agency or in a Court of Law.
1.3.4. Where a referring agency or GP requires a report. A copy of the report will also be made available to the Client.
1.3.5. Where in the Practitioner's opinion the Clients state of mind endangers his or her own life or health and/or the life and health of any other person.
1.3.6. Where the Client admits to being or having been involved in a crime.
1.3.7. Where the Practitioner discusses the case with another Practitioner or during a training session. In this case the Clients identity will be protected at all times. *(Where the Client information and iris photos are shared on the discussion forum of the IAMMH the Client’s identity will be protected at all times and permission sought from the client)

1.4. Taking care not to act in such a way as to invade or infringe personal propriety, or to perform any action which may reasonably be considered to be an assault upon the client.

1.5. Be aware of all legal obligations and considerations attendant upon the professional practice of herbal medicine as they currently stand and to keep up to date with all changes of such.

1.6. Maintaining their practice in an efficient and diligent style.

1.7. To refrain from any action which may bring themselves or the practice of herbal medicine into disrepute.

1.8. To maintain appropriate professional and product insurance.

2. Deal honestly and helpfully with the public, seeking at all times to present themselves and their profession as responsible and honourable, and ensuring that all advertising is conducted in a manner appropriate to the interests of the public, the profession and the Association itself. *(The use of the qualification ‘Dr’ as gained via a  PhD can be used in a general way e.g. when giving an academic lecture where the doctorate speaks of the level of academic qualification of the person. We advise that the epithet ‘Dr’ should not be used in any advertising or on literature regarding the person’s practice since in such a case it would give a misleading impression that the person had a medical degree and was a doctor of medicine. If the person has not got this qualification the title ‘Dr’ should not be used in connection with the person’s practice)

3. Deal honourably and respectfully with other herbal practitioners and practitioners of other health care disciplines by observing the following principles:

3.1. Refraining from criticising or defaming another practitioner, whether a member of the Association or not.
3.2. Not attempting to persuade clients away from another practitioner in order to recruit them to one's own practice.
3.3. Where a dispute arises between members of the Association or other practitioners by referring the matter to the Council for arbitration.

4. Refraining from teaching or administering any training course purporting to lead to a professional certification in herbal medicine unless the course has been approved as such by the Irish Association of Master Medical Herbalists.

5. Refraining from teaching or administering any training course purporting to lead to a professional certification in iridology unless the course has been approved as such by the Irish Institute of Iridologists.

6. Abide by the rules of the Association as expressed in this Code of Ethics and in the Association’s Code of Practice and respect and honour the objectives of the Association as defined in the Constitution.

* Codisils in italics added added at 1.3.7 and 2. as a result of council meeting on December 15th 2014.

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