Aaron Foley

About Aaron

I am a Master Medical Herbalist, Acupuncturist, Iridologist, and Nutritionist based in Dublin. I integrate Western Herbal medicine, Chinese Medical diagnosis, and Iridology (eye examination) to craft comprehensive, individualized holistic treatment plans.

Patients present with a diverse array of signs and symptoms, and a holistic approach ensures that each person receives entirely unique care. Every sensation in the body—whether it manifests as heat or cold, dryness or itchiness, headaches or cramping, dull or sharp pain, numbness or fatigue—is taken into account when devising treatment strategies.

My approach involves prescribing tailored herbal programs alongside dietary adjustments, often complemented by acupuncture and a wide spectrum of therapies that guide my patients towards wellness. My experience in care work spans numerous years, during which I collaborated closely with Cheshire Homes. Additionally, I hold a Level 7 qualification in Disability Studies from Maynooth College.

In my current role as the Biodiversity Officer for Dublin Community Growers, I am actively engaged in projects centered around rewilding. Through this role, I contribute to the healing of the world we live in, aligning with my overarching philosophy of holistic well-being.



MH, Ir, 

Licentiate of Herbal Medicine - Master Herbalist (MH),


County Dublin


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